About Us

Cambridge Auto Finance specializes in helping new and used car dealers get the financing needed for their customers that have a less than perfect credit history. Many people these days have bruised or bad credit due to Job loss, divorce, health issues and have been forced to file bankruptcy, or have had a vehicle repossessed.

We at Cambridge Auto Finance understand that sometimes bad things happen to good people and we have many options available to those that need a second chance. Even if you have been turned down by other dealers or financial institutions it’s well worth you time to apply with Cambridge Auto Finance or one of our quality dealers.

Our application process is one of the simplest and fastest in the financial industry and many times have approvals back to our dealers in minutes.

If you’re a dealer looking to expand your business and sell more cars by offering your clients some of the best loan options available click our dealers tab and register to be a Cambridge Auto Finance dealer.

If you are a consumer looking for help obtaining a vehicle loan please click our contact us tab and tell us about yourself and we will have one of our dealers in your area contact you.

Thank you.
Cambridge Auto Finance dealer